Friday, April 16, 2010

Launch of Welcoming Communities Initiative Website

Dear Colleagues

We are writing to announce the birth of the Welcoming Communities Initiative website at and Our aim is to serve the growing community of researchers, local stakeholders and policymakers who are working to promote diversity and civic potential in second and third tier communities in Ontario and across the country.

As you will see, our site is in its infancy though we hope to mature quickly. At the top of our list of 'improvements' will be to introduce a French language version of the site as quickly as possible and to make good on a commitment to translate all important communiqu├ęs and information.

We would welcome your feedback on what works on our site and what doesn't along with any suggestions you may have regarding content, additional features that would add value, things to fix, and links you would find useful. Please use the 'contact us' button on the website to do this.

Best wishes, Vicki and Carl on behalf of Governing Council